This is a burger building PSA for people who want to make good burgers. I started this project because I love making burgers and I wanted to share my process visually. It was also a good way to practice typography under the format of infographics. The research portion of the process was fairly simple as these are instructions that I am already familiar with. The most challenging portion of this design was to say what I needed to say and not overcrowd the page. 


This project started off as a logo design for a coffeehouse. I decided to take the project a little further and apply the same aesthetics to menu and to-go coffee cups.  


These are several graphics intended for print on T-Shirts or Tote bags. The process varies for each design. Some are done by hand and vectorized, and others are created digitally. 


This is an example of a logo design project that I started for a solar company. I came up with Constant Solar because I wanted to work with a name that has two words. I eventually landed on incorporating the graphical interpretation of the solar system as the concept of the logo. 


Some examples of illustrations in poster format.